Night vision devices

Most night vision devices are light amplifiers. Light-beam technologies help small amounts of light energy, for example, from lunar or stellar light, to convert to electrical energy (electrons). These electrons increase in geometric progression through electrical and chemical processes. They then come in contact with a luminescent screen that turns electrons back into the photons, in order to reproduce the exact image even in the entire darkness.

In addition to traditional green fluorescent optical transducers, we recently introduced white luminescent displays on the market that allow users to see black and white images instead of traditional green.


In the world of "night vision," the term "Generation" reflects the level of technology used for a specific device. The higher the level, the better the night vision device will work. For example, the Model Generation 2 is more advanced than the Generation Model 1. In 2013, the world introduced a new level: the technology of the Ceramic Optical Transformer, which took the position between traditional Generation 1 and 2 models.

MERCURI TECHNOLOGY LLC provides equipment at various levels of technology, in all possible configurations, including monoculars, binoculars, optical sights and nozzles.