Generation 1+ To "Hybrid", ceramic optical converter

Thanks to modern developments in the electronic-optical industry, the company presents affordable, high-quality night vision devices from the hybrid technology of high-sensitivity ceramic optical converters.

Working on the same principle as the converter Generation 1+ with an electron-optical converter, which is made of glass and fairly brittle, the model with a ceramic electron-optical converter is designed as a Generation 2 and 3 model of metal and ceramic parts. Devices with a ceramic optical converter are made of strong elements, shockproof and vibration resistant. A reliable shell protects the device from external factors, the device is more compact and reliable in operation.

The technology of ceramic optical converters provides a better resolution of 60-70 lines / mm and a photocathode sensitivity level from 400 μA / lm, providing the best quality image in the lowest possible lighting and competing with the leading Generation 2+ models.

Optical converters Generation 2 + B "Standard resolution"

Optical converters of the 2nd generation have a microchannel plate (MCP) of an electronic amplifier, as well as a multi-alkaline photocathode and a built-in power supply. The usual resolution range is from 45 to 51 lines / mm, as well as the signal-to-noise ratio level from 15 to 21.

Optical converters Generation 2 + A "Increased resolution"

Optical converter Generation 2 + A "Increased resolution" is designed for better performance than the usual second generation. The high resolution model is a compact device, has a multi-alkaline photocathode, an electronic amplifier with a MCP, a format of 18mm. The usual resolution range is from 47 to 54 lines / mm, as well as the signal-to-noise ratio from 15 to 22.

Optical converters of generation 2+ BR "High resolution"

Optical converter Generation 2+ BPR "High resolution" is an improved version of the previous model. Most of the characteristics are approximate to 3 generations of optical converters. The model has a multi-alkaline photocathode. The usual resolution range is from 55 to 72 lines / mm, as well as a signal to noise ratio of 15 to 23.

Optical converters of generation 2+ BW "Black and white image" with white phosphor

Experienced professionals know that the image in the dark becomes more natural when on the display they are transmitted in black and white colors, unlike conventional green images. Our unique model Generation 2+ Black and white image is characterized by a high level of contrast and a more expressive depiction of outlines and shadows. The usual resolution range is 47 to 54 lines / mm, and the level of the signal-to-noise ratio is from 15 to 22.