Thermal imaging cameras or infrared cameras exhibit heat generated from objects or living things.

All that comes into contact with each other, gives off energy. The warmer the object, the more heat it releases. The heat emitted is called the thermal signature. When objects have different thermal signatures, they are displayed on the thermal imager in different colors. It is possible to quickly and easily detect warm-blooded animals, including people in a cool environment.

Thermal cameras have lenses, like cameras sensitive to visible light. But in case of thermal detection, the lenses focus infrared energy waves on the antenna of the thermal sensor. Thousands of sensors on the antenna turn infrared energy into electrical signals that create video images. Infrared cameras measure and determine the thermal profile of objects by the temperature of any objects that are around.

Television technology also allows users to identify the target in bad weather conditions: in a strong blizzard, dust, smoke, fog, etc.

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