Night binoculars MERCURY FILIN 8х (2+)

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Generation 2+
Optical system 160 mm; F/2.0
Viewing Angle (°) 6.5
Dimensions (mm) 350 x 140 x 100
Weight (kg) 1,5

• Durable, lightweight, versatile design
• With a 5x, 8x magnification
• Multi-layer protective optical coating with high
    light transmission capacity
• Long-range infrared flashlight
• Waterproof and shockproof
• Fits on a tripod
• Straps on the hand and neck
• Warranty 2 years

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37 975 UAH

tax incl.

31 646 UAH


*По курсу 24,5 $

-60 305 UAH

98 280 UAH tax incl.

  • Increased resolution (yellow-green.) 47-54 p / mm;

More info

"Filin" is an excellent night vision device for night observation. "Filin" has improved performance, ergonomic body and provides a wide viewing angle. This device will be indispensable for the protection of the outer perimeter, observation of nature and just for observation from long and medium distances. "Filin" is available with five and eight-fold lenses, it is equipped with an infra-red flashlight and several protection systems. This device has a rugged case, it is waterproof and shockproof, but at the same time light enough. "Filin" is an excellent choice for hunters, nature lovers and sportsmen.