Night vision Clip-On system MERCURY ARTEMIS-А (gen. 2+/3)

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Generation 2+
Optical system 80mm; F/1.65
Viewing Angle (°) 13
Dimensions (mm) 180 x 80 x 80
Weight (kg) 0,69

higher resolution, adjustable gain, 47-54 ppm / mm

• Rapid transformation of the day sight into a sight
    night vision
• Attached before any day sight, not
    requires re-gunning
• Wireless control panel
• Operates from one alkaline 1.5V AA or 3V CR123A lithium battery
• Illumination indicator
• Automatic brightness control
• quick-release fasteners
• Warranty 2 years

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"Artemis" is one of the most advanced night vision attachments for shooting in the dark at medium distances. This device has no equal when it comes to resolution, universality, reliability, functionality and price. Night vision Clip-On system Artemis  turns your day sight into a night vision device and provides excellent target detection, as well as functional guidance for the most demanding sports shooters and hunters. Using the latest advanced night vision technologies, the Artemis  Clip-On system eliminates the traditional process of changing the sight of day vision to the night vision sight, which provides for re-alignment.

"Artemis" is easy to attach in front of the day sight, and does not require re-alignment, since this attachment - optically adjusting the device and the error level does not exceed 1 MOA. "Artemis" allows you to achieve a stable position and accuracy when shot, and all this when used is absolutely identical to the sight of day vision. You can install the wireless control panel on the weapon, thereby improving the speed and ease of operation of the Night vision Clip-On system. It is recommended to use the device together with day-time sights of six-, seven-fold increase. Night vision Clip-On system Artemis is equipped with fasteners, as well as quick-detachable fastening system that allows quick and easy attachment to the day sight or installed on any standard gun bar.



MT-FSRS38-1 Frontal system FSRS №38