Night Vision Monocular MERCURY GEKKO (2+/3 black and white)

Generation 2+
Optical system 27mm; F/1.2
Viewing Angle (°) 40

High resolution (black and white) 55-64 p / mm

• Compact and rugged casing
• Waterproof
• Attached to a weapon, head or helmet
• Automatic brightness control
• Protective light sensor
• Suitable for use with a camera
• Built-in infrared flashlight with diffusive lens
• Warranty 2 years

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"Gekko" is a new quality standard, on which all manufacturers of multifunctional night vision monoculars will be equal in the future. The device "Gekko" is equipped with high-quality clarified optics, which is built into a rugged, ergonomic and reliable body. The device is manufactured to the highest standards, so it works perfectly in all weather conditions - whether it's rain, snow, high humidity or extreme temperatures. "Gekko" is equipped with a function of manual brightness control, which allows the user to adjust the brightness of the image for better performance of the device, the function of preventing exposure to an optical-optical converter. The device automatically turns off when you lift it on your helmet or head. It is available with various accessories, such as three-, five- and eight-fold lenses for observation at medium and long distances, attaching to a weapon, head or helmet, and also an accessory that counts the lifetime of an Electro-optical converter. This is the only device that has so many functions, but it is easy enough to use.


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MT-TGKWCS-1 Tactical headband: Wilcox L4 G24 and 3 Hole Shroud, Crye Precision Nightcap, and Swing Arm # 172

МТ-НM4000-1 Headband to helmet №4 (MICH / PASGT)

МТ-4XL012-1 Lens 4х №12 МТ-8XL162-1 Lens 8х №162

MT-SHEY82-1 Eyepiece "cat's eye"

MT-QRM260-1 quick release attachments for Picatinny №26 / №42

МТ-SAM500-1 Adapter №5 to the sight of night vision

MT-TTS083-1 Time Tracker System No.83 (Device Resource Tracking System)

MT-CA4600-1 Adapter 46 to the camera

MT-UCA450-1 Universal adapter No.44 to the camera