Thermal Imaging Monocular Mercury EVO-SHOT-PRO-L-384-1.75-7x25»


1. Housing: Aluminum, impact-resistant, waterproof.
2. Lens: Light-intensive, enlightened, HD coating, nitrogen-filled.
3. Matrix: Resolution 384x288, pixel 17μm, sensor (Vox).
4. Module WI-FI.
5. Program:

  • Remote control.
  • Frame rate is 50Hz.
  • Six color image processing modes.
  • Special search function for people and animals.

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The thermal imaging monocular "EVO-SHOT-PRO" is made in an ergonomic, impact-resistant body of aviation aluminum, which is stable when working in snow, rain and even is not ready to immerse yourself under water for a long time, owning a class of protection IP67.
This monocular is designed on the basis of a modern vanadium oxide sensor (VOx) with a width of 384x288 pixels. The dot size is 17μm. Such characteristics can achieve impressive detail of the image and detect the thermal object at a great distance.
The 50 Hz frequency makes it easy and convenient to monitor fast-moving objects and living organisms.
"Mercury Technology" uses in production high-quality germanium lenses with illuminated optics and especially hard "diamond-like" protective coatings. The focal length of such lenses is equal to the diameter of the lens extending the field of view.
The use of a range-gauge grid, unlike a stadiometer range finder, does not depend on the ambient temperature.
Built-in WI-FI provides remote control and surveillance, recording and transferring images to a smartphone or tablet using the WI-FI AVIN application. For convenience, the monocular has a special slider for tripod mounting..

The TV program allows you to choose one of the six color modes of observation. The "fire" mode is convenient for search and rescue works, in which on a monochrome background, thermal objects are highlighted in orange.


The display with OLED technology ensures reliable operation of the device at ambient temperatures from -25 to +50 degrees while maintaining the image quality.
Monocular can not be detected, because it does not emit light or other energy. Unlike inexpensive digital devices, "EVO-SHOT-PRO" does not use lighting equipment when operating. Therefore, a hunter can not be detected by the beast, but a shooter with an opponent.
The improved algorithm for processing visual information and the latest developments give the monocular "EVO-SHOT-PRO" unlimited opportunities when used not only by combat units, but also by the forces of law enforcement and commercial structures. Taking into account all of the above qualities of the device, no hunter will remain indifferent, using it at night hunting.

Erase the borders of the visible with the new thermal imaging monocular "EVO-SHOT-PRO" from the company "MercuryTechnology"!

Sensor specifications



Frame refresh rate

50 Hz

On time

4 seconds



Pixel pitch


Spectral range


NETD / Sensitivity


System characteristics

Optical system

F25 mm; F/1.0


x 1,75

Digital Zoom

1х, 2x, 4х

Line of sight


Diopter adjustment range

From -5 to +5

Focus range

From 0.25 meters to infinity

Exit pupil diameter

10 мм

Removal of the exit pupil

45 мм


AMOLED SVGA 060  (800x600)

Video output

PAL (768x574 pixels)/ NTSC (640x480 pixels)

Temperature Modes (Image Palettes)

Blackhot, Whitehot, Sepia, Iron, Fire

User interface

Switch functions

On/ Off/ Standby Mode/ Set

Control Panel Buttons

Adjusting the display brightness, Changing the color of the palette, Controlling the digital zoom, turning on WIFI, Menu

Remote control button

Turn on / off monocular in Standby Mode

Eyepiece Focus Ring

Eyepiece diopter adjustment

Menu functions

Shooting mode (AGC), digital smooth zoom, wrong color or monochrome thermal video, contrast, brightness, sharpness, system settings

Picture Modes
Auto (handling WDR image), Manual, Fire, Sea-Sky


S620 Connector

Power In, Analog Video In / Out, Digital Video Recorder

Micro USB

External power supply


2 pcs CR123A 3V Lithium, or 2 pcs CR123 rechargeable batteries

Time robots

Up to 4 hours (additionally up to 12 hours)

External power supply (optional)

2 elements of type 18650 (3.7V), 4 CR123 rechargeable elements (3.7Vmax), or 4 elements of CR123A (3V Lithium) increase the time of robots up to 8 hours

External power supply

6VDC / 600 mA

Operating temperature range

From -25 ° C to + 50 ° C

Housing protection degree

IP66 (IP67-by request)


0.6 кг


247 x 71 x 65 мм


CR123A battery (2 pieces), Battery cassette (2 pieces), Video cable, Wireless remote control with Picatinny adapter, User manual.